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All that glitters is not gold, but it still lights our way.

This all began when I was working a demanding job as a sustainability consultant, trying to save our forests and endangered wildlife, and help people struggling to make a living. Every time another stretch of forest was lost, another indigenous community displaced or another case of child labor exposed, my heart broke. I was trying so hard to make the world a better place, but it was like emptying the ocean with a thimble.

In 2015 I had a burnout that swept me off my feet. It was time for a change. I decided to move to Bali and focus on bringing something positive into the world through small ideals – ideals of spreading love, of ethical business practices, and of seeing beauty in everything around us. So, here I am. Designing jewelry to show you the beauty the world has for us, just waiting to be seen. 
—  xoxo Meri

This is an oath, in the way a ring signifies a promise; this is our truth.

Gardens of the Sun seeks to highlight beauty in the natural, and in the process, pay tribute to human and environmental wellbeing. We believe in inspiring real, independent women to accept and celebrate imperfection within and without, freeing themselves to achieve positive change through the incredible power of self-love. We practice self-love by building three bridges: compassion, gratitude and acceptance.


We step lightly with a compassionate heart that respects the environments from which we source our materials, and supports the artisans that make a living transforming them. We support community enterprises in Indonesia – from West Java and Jogjakarta to Kalimantan and Bali. Just like beauty, compassion is meant to be shared.


We’re ever grateful for and remain humbled by Mother Nature's abundance.  We plant a tree in the jungles of Borneo for every jewel purchased and newsletter subscription, because we want to take our loved ones on this journey of giving back to the place from whence we came. This pales in comparison to the gifts and opportunities that the world gives us, but we chose to start here. Making small steps, everyday.


We celebrate the so-called flaws within a human being, or a jewel, in all its glory – because these are the cracks that let the light shine through. Soul-deep confidence and self-love are at the crux of our purpose. If our jewelry can remind people to accept themselves as they are and find strength in imperfection, then it has fulfilled a life well lived and only then can we call it a day.

We love what we do

Meri Geraldine

Founder and Chief Creative
Meri is the founder and creative force behind Gardens of the Sun. She has a big vision for the impact our jewelry will have on the world. It's not only about designing an accessory. It's about creating jewelry that makes you feel better than before and that supports everyone involved in making it.

Annisa Dharma

Co-founder and Brand Strategist 
Annisa turns our jewelry into poetry. With her words, she gives them wings. Annisa the co-founder, making Gardens of the Sun a women-owned enterprise. She’s a feminist and a true global citizen. Born in Indonesia, raised in Canada, married to an Australian and now living in Bali.

Latifah Hanum

Shipping and Supplier Management
Hanum helps take care of all those things that creative minds tend to forget, and makes sure we always have a steady supply of our signature jewelry boxes.

Yudi Tirtayanti

Shipping Asisstant
Yudi gift wraps every single order you place with her loving hands and attention to detail. She ensures all packages are shipped out timely.

Fajar Afrianto

Master Goldsmith
Afrianto has been working with Meri from the very start, turning her designs into instant heirlooms. His family has been working as silversmiths for four generations in the city of Yogyakarta, and is proud to continue his heritage. With Meri's support, he has set up his own workshop in 2016.


A safekeeper of a time-honoured smithing tradition and precious know-how. He proudly continues the old fashioned way of metalmithing and forging metals, with his own two hands.


Born and raised in Kota Gede, a maze of narrow streets, lined with mosaic-tiled houses and family-run silver workshops. Suyatman uses traditional silversmithing skills to transform a piece of silver into a work of art, much the same way as it was millennia ago.

Joko Susanto

Silversmith in training under the wings of our master goldsmith.


Silversmith in training under the wings of our master goldsmith.

Dod Cahendra

Visual Branding Strategist
Dod is a senior photographer, videographer and graphic designer. He documents our daily smiles and milestones.

Fira Kusumaningrum

Marketing & Wholesale Liaison
Fira helps you find us all over the Internet as well as in indie boutiques and amazing stores all over the world.


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