Intention Journal
One day, you thought you lost your self. You were sure you had it, somewhere back there. You could’ve sworn you put it in your pocket, like a little book. You didn't know it then but losing it was the...
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Leather Jewelry Roll
This no-fuss leather jewelry roll will be your new travel companion, with enough space for to keep all of your jewels safe. No more missing ear nuts! No more tarnished pieces lost on the bottom of your wash bag! Meet...
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Plantation Teak Ring Box
Ideal for presenting a ring, or presenting THE ring. Meet A beautiful and handcrafted alternative to the all too common plastic ring box. Finally you have found the ring box that's just right for that once in a lifetime moment you...
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Ring Engraving - Handwritten Inscription
The tradition of inscribing romantic poetry onto wedding bands began in medieval Europe. Today, engraving a message on the inside or outside of the shank, or even around the rim of the center stone, is one of the easiest ways to personalize an...
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Silver Jewelry Care Kit - Gardens of the Sun Jewelry
Do you miss that dazzling look of your jewels when you unwrapped it? A quick rub with this cleaning cloth will revive that radiance and sparkle. It's like the ultimate beauty treatment. You can use this jewery care kit to get rid of...
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Teak Ring Cone

Teak Ring Cone

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You feel – all the things, so much of the things, too much even. That’s OK, collect them all. It’s what makes a soil fertile; it’s the ingredient of creation. Meet A beautiful and handcrafted alternative to the all too...
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Wooden Earring Dome
Keep your stud earrings safe and in sight on this pretty wooden geometric earring holder. Meet You know those moments? I hate those moments. You're all dressed and rushing to get out of the door. Of course you put your jewelry on...
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