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Fallen Tails

A collection in memoriam of better halves. Or for those that still feel whole despite their asymmetry. Despite not having both wings, they still fly south to find home. Finding comfort wherever they are in the world. For those that find balance among the imbalance, beauty in the chaos, and peace in the pieces. For those that still believe in the magic, in the mermaids that sing us lullabies to sleep.


I put the Fierce Collection together with a fiercely independent and unconventional woman in mind. She is pure and raw in her own insanely beautiful way, because she carries her flaws with a devoted pride other women can only dream of. Though secretly a hopeless romantic, she always keeps you guessing.  Each piece is something you can wear with confidence, knowing the quality of the piece will stand up to the test of time and always help you look your best. Go for an elegant gift with an unexpected edge, these slices of heaven are as fierce as she is.    Fierce Collection by Gardens of the Sun. Dainty diamond slice jewelry with one of a kind diamonds with character.


Your life story isn't bound by the norms. Your jewels shouldn't be either. This collection redefines standards of beauty. No two raw diamonds or rough gemstones are alike. No two people are alike. I want to keep that individuality of the gems, so you can express yours, and be proud of it too.   Folded collection by Gardens of the Sun.   Gemstones and diamonds wrapped in thin sheets of organic textured silver.
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Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems is for those who expect more, and give more in return. For those who want to say more. For those who live intensely and love intensely. I offer these in a range of gemstones, including most birthstones, and raw diamonds in several colors. People have bought them as engagement rings, wedding bands, stacking rings, purity ring, birthday gifts and more and more moms stack them as mothers' rings to celebrate motherhood and represent their children.    Hidden Gems collection by Gardens of the Sun. Rough gemstones and raw diamonds in an unconventional setting.

Inner Growth & Intuition

Truth within shines without. Tap intothat good ol’ Self, get aligned with the very core thatmakes you, well, YOU. What an incredible you that you can be. And no one else is more you than you. So, rejoice in the fact that you’ve got your own back, no matterwhat. You do you, girl. You do you. GemstonesQuartz, Apatite, Emerald, Rhodozite, Spinel,Tanzanite, Sapphire

Love & Meaning

Remember that line in that movie? “Love is the one thing we're capable of perceiving that transcends time and space.” It’s wild, but the crazy thing is;it’s the truth. What does love mean to you? Only you know. That’s another crazy thing. I’m here, you’re there; but we’ve both felt love before and that connects us in a way. In a way that transcends time and space. GemstonesMorganite, Garnet, Ruby, Sapphire, Peridot


Rough and real, like the building blocks of life itself. Bittersweet, multi-layered, juicy and raw all in one bite; this collection captures all of life’s dimensions and holds them to their truth, to the most basic form of existence. To the speck of carbon that makes us reality. To the unseen forces that push and pull. And all the particles in between.


She persevered under pressure, and a true diamond came out.  Dedicated to the square pegs in their round holes, they still make it work and they make it look so damn fun. These are for the battle scars, the ones attained within the raw depths of life, of loss, of love. These are for those that stay authentic, stand their ground, stick to their truth, despite it all. They persevered under pressure, and a diamond came out.     Rebel collection by Gardens of the Sun. Minimal raw diamond jewelry.